Sunday, January 10, 2021

Still here and still working through the world of collecting

Almost two years since my last blog post.  Where has time gone?  It wasn’t due to the virus and it wasn’t due to me being out of the hobby.  I’m no longer traveling, and I now work 5 miles from the office.  With these glorious changes in this aspect of life, one would think it wouldn’t take close to 24 months to post.  But, 2020 has passed, thank God, and 2021 has it’s challenges as it starts off so I’m making an effort to push forward with a post that can be read amongst the chaos.  And so it begins….

I’ve been more active than before but in a different sort of way.  2019 was a transition year where I was on the road 75% of the time for 6 months, then 100% for 3 months, then current status….basically 0% travel.  I would have expected a huge impact on my ability to interact here.  But that hasn’t been the case.  Days go by and I’m thinking “one of these days”.  Days turn to weeks, weeks turn to months, months turn to years, years turn to …well you get the drift.  But alas, here I am and in the infamous words of Forrest Gump…”that's all I’m going to say about that”.

Time to focus.  2019/2020 started with huge holes in my collection prior to 1967.  These past two years have really changed my mentality on collecting vintage cards.  I now have Topps specific lists for every year dating back to 1951.  To me, that is one helluva transition.  A list is warranted, in my mind, when you achieve more than 50% of the set, give or take a few as those early 50’s and 60’s high numbers can take a toll on one’s ability to complete a set.  I have focused on vintage more than recent stuff as the market today has made everyone go crazy.  I’m cool with capitalism and enjoy it’s benefits every day.  But the value being placed on cards today is insane…to me.  If you venture over to my want list, you see I still collect current cards but my approach differs than years past.  I actually have more cards from the past two years than one would think if I held distain for the current situation.  But I’m no longer a chaser of the big hit.  I couldn’t really care less if I get that one in a 14,589 chance to hit the auto of the guy who some day may be the next 60 HR hitter.  It’s gotten insane but if it works for you, God bless. I’ll work on being the OCD set collector and move on from there.  I’ve got my connection to cards and that works for me.  I’ll take the 2,500 count box of cards to build a set over the deluge of $20 blasters and/or $100+ hobby boxes.  Money is not my end game…..collecting is.

For what it’s worth, It’s been a huge transformation to focus on vintage as I’ve never done so before.  In years past, it had been the proverbial…I’ll get there when I can.  That perspective has now changed.  My focus has transitioned to vintage with the oh yeah, I gotta get those too on the recent stuff.  Perspective, I got that.  To go from barely a vintage Topps presence to where my collection lies today is a great feeling as a collector.  I’m even looking at trying to complete the 1954/55 Bowman offerings.  Those two sets have never graced my collection, ever….until now.  And I love it.  I’ll expand to earlier Bowman sets and I suspect that will be shared here…albeit I’m hoping prior to 2023, but I can’t make any promises as life takes over.

At the end of the day, cards remain a constant in my life.  This is a no pics blog post offering and more so a status update to let you know I’m alive and kicking.  Hopefully, if you’re still seeing this update and reading the post; you may be thinking, damn where has this dude been.  I’m here and I’m still collecting.  Venture over to my want lists and you’ll see periodic updates.  Peace to you and may you and your family remain safe.

Until next time……..


  1. Good to see you're still in the hobby. I hope you're enjoying traveling less your family is happy and healthy.
    Blogging has become less important to me as well, but I can't put a finger on exactly why.
    I've also been tempted to go the vintage route. Good for you for taking the dive!

  2. Glad to see you're alive, kicking, and collecting... but sad that this post wasn't as fulfilling as you had hoped. Hopefully one day it'll come back.

  3. Blogging has never been more important for me, which is why I'm always glad to see someone return to blogging.