Sunday, February 24, 2019

2018 is gone, 2019 is 7 weeks in and finally, I write a blog post. Good news...the theme goes back to 1951

It’s been over a year since my last post but I haven’t been absent from the hobby.  I spend even more time on the road, if that’s possible, than I have before.  I may have mentioned that once, twice or ten times.  Yet, every time I make my way home, I try to find a few spare moments to enjoy this hobby.  Since last year’s Christmas included the completion of the 1951 Topps Blue Back set, I had to set my sights on a few other sets.  Partially in the form of 1966 and 1967 Topps.  And even the long shot desire to complete 1955 and 1956 Topps.  But really there is only one set that fits well in this situation….and you guessed it, 1951 Topps Red Back. 

Although not as desirable as the Blue Back set, it has some exceptional players.  I don’t understand why the Blue back differs as much from the Red back set but who am I to pass judgement.  Maybe it’s the A set and B set syndrome where the latter series cards are somewhat ignored due to late in the season release and subsequently, much more valuable.  The wrapper alone is a 40x multiple.  No matter what, the set of 52 cards in each color doesn’t overwhelm with excess.  Yes, the Red has a couple of team name issues on two cards, but in total you can grab a piece of history with a bit over 100 cards.

My Blue set started a number of years ago with a single lot purchase.  The sale of the doubles ended up paying for the set itself and then some.  I was fortunate to find that auction at a very reasonable price.  It took a few years to finally get that last card…see Christmas 2017 post.  So in early 2018, I perused a few auction sites and found a few Red back lots here and there.  Nothing that screamed “BUY ME!!!”.  At least not for the first half of the year.  Eventually, I found a lot that had a bit over 25 cards of the set with a few dupes added in mostly in very nice condition.  So I ended up jumping in and starting down the path of 51 Red.

And I do enjoy me some 1951 Topps cards.  You don’t find many trading partners for 1951 Topps cards so my pursuit will end up being a purchase deal for the remainder.  

Or maybe a Christmas find here and there.

Again, the wife came through on a beauty of a specimen from this set.  Two years in a row, 1951 reigns as the cornerstone package....thank you my dear.  She knows my weaknesses.  She knows what puts a big smile on my face.  She probably hates having to venture to my blog and try to find something that isn't going to break the bank, isn't already in my collection or isn't likely anything I would look to trade for between late summer and Christmas time.  This set fits that perfectly.

So, if there is anyone out there with one, two or ten 1951 Red Back cards for trade.....I welcome the negotiations as I do have a few extras myself.  Of course, the list of wanted cards far exceeds the twenty or so Red backs looking to fit in with there brethren.  I'm always open to trading not just these but much, much more......