Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Props v1

After a couple of weeks being busy with the holidays and such, it's time to get back to doing some good work on the card front.  This post however is one that is giving props to a fellow blogger.  This blogger has taken it upon himself to create a March Madness type of competition using MLB teams.  The person I speak of is  I follow the blog as I saw an opportunity to do some trading in the fashion of Donruss.  I haven't had much Donruss related lists on my page but am slowly getting them up so that we can reduce the want lists from both of our perspective. 

I was fortunate enough to stumble across the page of the MLB tournament with but one team left, the NY Mets.  Being a Yankees fan, I had to swallow some pride in taking the Mets, but who was I to shy away from a fun way to root for a team that most of the time, I couldn't care less for.  Plus they are playing the Cardinals in round one and that makes it even better should the underdog 12 seed make their move early in the season.  As of this post, both teams are 5-4; so a tie going into Thursday's action.

I'm not sure where round 2 goes should I get there but hey it's fun whether I do or not.  So thanks to Doc for allowing me to take the reigns of the NY Baseball team, albeit from the National League.  Should you be so inclined to see the tournament, take a look at Doc's blog and maybe you'll find some treasures of what he has for trade and what it is he's seeking or just visit the latest tournament updates throughout the season.  I know I have.

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