Monday, March 11, 2013

Biggest Pulls

Now that I've finished the listing of what I have accumulated in my collection, I want to turn my attention to sharing as well as listing.  My intent was not just a blog only for trading.  Part of this hobby is the anticipation of an unopened box.  The enjoyment of the cards and hoping something nice pops up in the pack in your hands.  I've done some buying over the years and I've had my share of disappointments when opening a box.  But there is such a rush when you are thumbing through the cards in your hands when you come across a card that is just too amazing.  The explosion of autographs and relic cards have put this opportunity into high gear for everyone.  I've had a fair number of those occasions over the years, but there are two that take the top spot for me.  The occasions were twelve years apart.  My first occasion came in a Kmart way back in 1999 as I bought a retail box of Upper Deck Ionix.  At the time, I didn't realize how much impact this one lucky find had on my collecting, but I do now.  This one card put me on a mission to collect some high end cards through cards shows, Ebay and other avenues of purchasing.  I have most of this set but this one is the only one pulled from a pack of cards for me.

The 500 HR club Frank Robinson game-used bat card, autographed #1 of 20.  Excited was such an understatement and I still had to go back to work for the remainder of the day.  This was the dawn of such cards in the market and I will never forget that feeling.

My other "most awesome" pull came from a Target combo retail box from 2011.  The $14.99 special that included some regular Topps series one packs as well as some packs from the Heritage set reminiscent of the 1962 set.  I have a passion for the Heritage cards and only wish I made some purchases from the first few years more than I did.  I couldn't wait to open the packs as I drove off.  The newest edition of Topps and Heritage in one glorious box.  Little did I know when I pulled out of that parking lot, I'd be looking at one of the all time greats.

Sandy "freakin" Koufax.  An absolute beauty of an autograph.  This is not the only auto card I have of this man, but still pulling this from a pack of cards created such a rush that I'm amazed I didn't just drive into another car as I was mesmerized by what I was looking at.

I could go on, but I'd enjoy reading comments on what others have pulled out of packs that have put their collection and excitement in high gear. 


  1. Wow awesome cards and post. I have not pulled anything compared to that but that keeps me motivated to some day get the chance to.

  2. It would be hard to beat that Robinson (or any of the autographed Piece of History 500 cards), but the Koufax comes pretty close! I think Topps had just signed him in 2011, and this was his first autographed cards included in a Topps product. It was one of my runner-ups to card of the year in 2011!

    My best pull was a Griffey autographed buyback in 1997 SP. It was an auto'd buyback of his '96 card. For a kid who was a huge Griffey fan, that was about as good as it could get. I've also pulled a Jeter auto #'d to 5 out of 2008 UD Heroes and an Aaron Topps auto #;d to 10 last year. But nothing tops the Griffey!

  3. Wow, what an awesome card. I am looking for this exact card, as well as the Ernie Banks from this set. Glad to know now that these cards aren't redemptions!