Sunday, March 17, 2013

Is it or isn't it???

I shared my finest hits pulled from a pack.  I have had many boxes come and go without anything as well.  But I have one that seems to cover both ends of the spectrum.  The hit without the hit.  You open the pack, maybe catch a glimpse of the side of the cards and see the thickness of a card stand out.  You pan through the cards in anticipation, enjoying them as they pass knowing you're getting closer to that card.  As an aside, I find myself enjoying the older players more than the current players as today's players have so many cards of relic status.  This one was one of those "Oooo, I like that."  Spending the last couple of decades in the Detroit area before moving last summer, this one had some local flavor that appealed to me.  I'm not a Detroit fan in any way, but this player, whom I remember watching back in the day, was a quirky kind of guy.  Plus he had a couple of years off the chart.  And see this pitcher in the designated hitter era before interleague play, with a bat in his hand, made the card even more of a novelty.  Mark "The Bird" Fidrych is a nice jersey card to add to my collection.  I turn the card over and see the jersey was from a celebrity game from the 2005 All-Star weekend festivities.  Well, not ideal, but still an card that held my interest.  And it's a numbered card to 300.  Not five but not one of thousands.  I put the card in a penny sleeve and hard plastic, which are always nearby when opening packs.  I move on to the rest of the box of 2005 Topps Updates & Highlights.  As I do with my relic and auto type cards, this one gets put into a box with its kind for future viewing enjoyment.  I take one last look at the jersey portion of the card before I place it with the rest and......what the????

Am I missing something???  Yes, I think so.  The jersey card sealed in a new pack with new plastic over the box without the jersey.  Well, how do I go about doing anything about this?  The box was purchased a couple of years after the cards were new, so Topps isn't likely to do much for me.  So here it sits, in a box of relic and autographs, being the standout with neither.  What should have been, could have been, is now the "you gotta see this" conversation of oddball cards.  I guess it could have been worse.  I could have had a pack with a common card that was one of five others in my doubles box.


  1. Strange stuff, i have one of those as well, a mariano rivera jersey card with the jersey missing !

  2. That card is already ridiculous. Missing the jersey seems fitting, right up The Bird's quirky alley.