Thursday, January 2, 2014

Orderly and Confused pt deux......a little later than expected

First I must say for anyone that reads my blog and has anticipated part deux, I apologize.  It has taken me almost four months to get to this post.  You can say I've been busy.  Understatement.  Just ask the wife and kids.  I have made a few trades intermittently during this time but for the most part, when my work day ends, I haven't been much in the mood to put my thoughts in print fashion.  Mostly I've tried to wind down by thumbing through a few hundred boxes looking for a few cards to send off to a fellow trader.  Or opening a couple of packs here and there to enjoy my hobby (or obsession, or neurotic behavior, if you will).  So as we move into 2014, I will look to post more often than once every three or four months.  I think I've crossed that line at work that will allow me to be successful in that statement.  So look out 2014, this blogger is staring you down.  I'm starting out quick on January 2nd to make my mark.  Let's just hope I don't end up a premature ejacu-blogger and wander off into oblivion for a few months.  Anyway, back to my dilemma....

As you may recall from last years entry, structure and order is of vital importance to me in my collection, at least from the layman's view.  Boxes in order by year and then alphabetical within that year with one exception.  Topps Flagship will always be the first set encountered in a year.  Beyond that, alphabetical order rules.  I look at the four or five dual row boxes that contain the hundreds and hundreds of relic, jersey, bat, auto cards, et al.  They are currently in alphabetical order by last name of the single individual on the card. First name, Bobby Abreu through last name, Joel Zumaya.  Easy to keep in order, easy to identify where they belong in the boxes.  In addition to these cards, I do keep some single relic cards in a different box based on the set in which they belong.  For example, you will find my Upper Deck 500 HR bat/auto cards all together along with the Upper Deck 3000 Hit Club bat/jersey/auto cards.  They are a subset within themselves and that makes sense in my mind. 

A few other subset minded cards fall into that same situation.  The Yankees Signature Series single, double and triple auto cards.  Again, acceptable order.  But now this is where things start to unravel...

Where does one put this when trying to maintain a sense of order?  I own a few clubhouse collection cards from other years but nothing close to being complete as the others mentioned above.  I don't keep collect nor do I order cards by team so that goes out the window.  Do I sort by the first player (as my wife has suggested in a moment of confusion as I explained my concerns).  That could work but what if I wanted to see if I had a Fred Lewis relic?  There's no way to find this if that were the order of the day.

How could you possibly put one ahead of the other for this card?  Ripken rules, Jeter rules????  And who is listed first?  Ripken going from top to bottom, Jeter going from left to right.  The Yankees are "my" team and there is no way I could make Ripken priority.  At some point logic will prevail, but it may be when I'm six feet under and this is card #426 of 985,438 on the auction list as my kids sit in the wings waiting for their portion of the proceeds.  You see why it is I can't figure this out.

Yeah, enough said.  Here we have three members of the years gone by Yankees folklore.  I actually think Donruss was trying to help me out with this gem #'d to 10.  The players last names are in alphabetical order, oldest to newest. and finally most desired home jersey to flannel grey away to the somewhat modern day polyester away jersey.  But still, let me see how many Maris relic cards I have.....Ooops I'm missing one.  I know I own this but who else is on the card?  Could it be Ruth, Gehrig, Dimaggio, Berra???  Where in the hell is that damn card in one of these damn boxes?  Deep breath, deep breath.  Count to ten.  It will show up.  It has to.  My kids haven't a clue how to find this and seeing that four of them are girls, they wouldn't even know why to look for this one particular card.  But Nolan....the blog namesake.  He does, he's a smart four year old.  He knows a smidgen about these cards as we share our moments of daddy screaming...DON'T GRAB IT BY THE CORNERS!!! NO, NO, NO, DON'T DROP IT!!!!

Ok, I'm back.  Anyway, as I was saying, I reach out to my fellow bloggers for input.  I'm curious how you handle this type of situation in your collection, if you do.  Maybe you don't.  Maybe this is just one card settling between a 1986 Donruss Jose Canseco Rated Rookie card and a cherished 1989 Fleer Bill Ripken F*** Face card.  But maybe one of you has the key to making my neurosis go away, at least in the short term.  I'm asking for help.  Who's offering free advice for this wandering soul?  I guess I'd be willing to shell out 5 cents for that psychiatric help. 


  1. Wow part one made me numb, and reminded me of my um I do hate to use the word "hoard nest" but that is what my collection looks more like lately. I recently got some 1980 Topps cards I thought I needed to complete a team set. I did need some of them, but I already had about half of them without realizing it, one or two of them I had more than one of to begin with in two places. UGH.

    My goal is to get things organized chronologically by year then alphabetical by manufacturer and in number order (unnumbered? UGH probably at the back, but going by most organization systems at the front) Your having Topps first makes total sense, but probably wouldn't work for my CDO (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in alphabetical dyslexic order)

    Ouch this is starting to give me a head ache and I'm just thinking about my own disorganization problem..

    One thought with the multi-player things is to use a filler "card". Use one of those blank decoy "cards" that they put in packs to stiffen the pack and to fool people who only look for Hits in packs, or use some semi-stiff card stock that won't get torn up every time you search through the boxes. Then either make a black and white (or color) photo copy of the card front and tape/paste it to the decoy. For cards with more than two players make "dupes" for all the extra guys. Then decide who is #1 put the original in his place and the "dupes" in the other places. OR just plain write the info you need for the card on the decoy or "See (the #1 player on the card) for card".

  2. I wouldn't waste your time by offering advice, since I'm the last guy you'd want to ask in terms of organization. But I wish you the best of luck on your dilemma. Can't wait to see how this story ends.

    Btw... I'm not a Yankees fan, but that triple jersey card of Gehrig, Maris, and Munson is very, very, very cool. The Ruth bat card isn't too shabby either ;-)

  3. Kyle,
    Try numbering the boxes first (1-99999), then probably in an Excel spreadsheet list the cards, per each box. You of course can include the other player names in additional fields for the multi player cards, and can easily be sorted or "find" cards. Now you would still have to search for cards, but it would be easier on the computer than going through boxes (not to mention saving your back). Or better yet, as I already like the system you have for the boxes, maybe just do the above just for the relic cards or a new box called multi-player. Just a thought. I actually have my prized Elway Collection this way and I also number the cards too with a removable label (on the back) too. As you already know the rest of my cards (are no longer organized) and are all to be traded less the Braves, which are now in 13 4" binders, and a few of them are disorganized as of yet. But re-organizing is one way that we can play with (look at) our collection(s) and feel excited about what we have. Keeps it fun, even though frustrating at times. You will undoubtedly figure out what works for you, and Kyle will be all happy again.

  4. I am way too unorganized to be able to offer you any advice whatsoever. And I sympathize with you about posting. My posts have gone waaay down in the past couple of months...not for lack of material, but for lack of time.